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June, 2005                                                               Archived news - 1998 to Present

June 21: UK: Paediatrician's flawed evidence
June 21: Australia: Internet traders beware
June 21: Ireland: Expert to find Disappeared funded
June 21: UK: Keep DNA of innocent and guilty alike
June 21: US: Wrongfully convicted compensation approved
June 20: US: Madison County deputy coroner pursues career as forensic artist
June 20: US: Nicotine affects brain like heroin: study
June 20: UK: Scots cops bid to extend DNA profile powers
June 20: US: Never Steal a Turkey in Lubbock - Tales of Texas Justice
June 20: US: Pinellas Weighs Plans For DNA Lab
June 20: US: DNA lab probe makes fresh start
June 20: US: Entomology professor acts out CSI
June 20: UK: After six years, baby murder case expert to face disciplinary panel
June 19: UK: Cannabis May Make Teenagers More Likely to Use Heroin
June 19: US: Fox family reunited after DNA tests get dad out of jail
June 19: US: Dead or alive? Adelanto women seek answers
June 19: Bosnia: Bosnia expert to seek IRA victims
June 19: Taiwan: Police call for national database for fingerprints
June 19: US: Missing drugs spark change
June 18: US: Forensic entomologists evaluate bugged bodies
June 18: Ireland: Finding the bodies of loved ones
June 18: Canada: Secret conviction reviews now common, lawyer says
June 18: US: Coroner’s investigator puts artistic talents to use
June 18: US: Understanding nerve pain, key to patient management
June 17: Russia: Trotsky murder weapon 'in Mexico'
June 17: US: Researchers: 'Iceman' might be contaminated
June 17: US: DNA May Hold Clues to Explorer's Identity
June 17: Canada: Alberta pushes for wider DNA databank
June 17: Ireland: SF seeks forensic expert to help find Disappeared
June 17: US: Forensic education begins at UAlbany
June 17: UK: Police forensic super unit opens
June 17: US: Backlog of DNA testing may have hurt public
June 16: US: Archaeologists Extract DNA From Skeleton
June 16: US: DNA makes mark on crime-solving
June 16: US: Forensic Science: Will It Help in the War on Terror?
June 16: US: Love Of Drawing Brings Metro East Forensic Artist
June 16: Canada: Alberta wants DNA registry for sex-trade johns
June 16: US: State may expand DNA database for sexual offenders
June 16: Pakisthan: Who are the suicide bombers?
June 16: Canada: Mackie grilled over Milgaard investigation
June 16: US: Students attend DNA Academy
June 16: Spain: Spanish Authorities Seek DNA Evidence
June 16: Ukraine: Forensic examination ordered in Yushchenko poisoning case
June 16: Canada: Canada angry at serial killer's release
June 16: US: Inquiry into girl’s ’89 death gets push
June 16: US: Police no closer to finding identity of body in Hanover
June 16: US: CSI puts a sexier spin on forensics
June 16: Honolulu: HPD Battles DNA Backlog
June 16: Vietnam: Methadone as heroin substitute to control HIV
June 16: India: Cops to reconstruct Dr Babita’s fall
June 16: Austria: DNA shows partner of murder suspect is father of Austria's freezer infants
June 15: US: CSI 101
June 15: US: State police crime lab set to clear backlog of DNA
June 15: Israel: Police to start DNA bank of suspects, convicts
June 15: US: CSI creator never envisioned massive hit
June 14: US: DNA Tests Fail to Distinguish Between Twin Rape Suspects
June 14: Canada: Defence expert slams RCMP handling of DNA in 30-year-old murder case
June 14: Australia: It's human to live with shame
June 14: US: CSI's Anthony Zuiker talks about success of crime show at Banff TV festival
June 14: Colombia: Moths could target cocaine output
June 14: US: Researchers: 'Iceman' might be contaminated
June 14: US: Law widens DNA tests for inmates
June 14: US: Jane Doe mystery getting a review
June 14: US: 200 more inmates must give DNA sample under new law
June 14: US: Newspapers wrestle with photo policy for sex offenders
June 14: Australia: TV shows affect real life forensics
June 14: US: AISD, APD teach forensic science for summer school
June 14: US: N.C.'s justice system hurting for more crime lab resources
June 13: US: Parents Want Overdose Notification
June 13: US: Spend taxes to rehabilitate, not enable addicts
June 13: US: Scientists dig for DNA that may identify America's lost father
June 13: US: Gov. Blagojevich signs bill closing DNA legal loophole
June 13: Canada: No need to give longer sentences for knife crimes
June 13: US: New DNA Academy to boost ranks of forensic scientists
June 13: US: The Truth About Children’s Identification Products
June 13: US: TV Shows Fuel Interest in Working in Crime Labs
June 13: US: Clooster takes top spot in criminal investigations
June 13: Australia: DNA to decide the real Tegan
June 13: Australia: DNA database clearing legal obstacles
June 13: US: Tomb DNA Quest to Identify American Founding Father
June 13: US: The Truth About Children’s Identification Products
June 13: Canada: Judicial accountability urged in wrongful-conviction cases
June 13: Australia: Tested girl unlikely to be Tegan: police
June 13: US: Continue missing persons DNA program
June 13: Australia: CLP promises expansion of DNA testing at crime scenes
June 13: UK: Grave may hold US explorer clue
June 13: US: SBI backlog demands action, and spending
June 12: US: DNA testing likely snared cattle rustler
June 11: Canada: Victims of wrongful conviction want independent panel to ensure justice
June 11: UK: DNA Tests May Reveal One of America's Founding Fathers
June 11: Canada: Victims of injustice want outside panel
June 11: Taiwan: Editorial: Injunction a clue to prints verdict
June 11: US: DNA evidence leads to arrest of Fort Myers man in woman's murder 11 year ago
June 11: US: DNA review includes man set to die in July
June 11: Japan: Govt plans to compile database on foreigners
June 11: Bosnia: Children and Pregnant Woman among Victims of Bosnian Massacre
June 11: US: Nameless graves
June 11: US: DNA evidence to be presented in case of convicted man
June 11: Canada: Auditor to probe RCMP forensic labs
June 11: US: Eagle Scout honored for helping K-9 units with agility course
June 10: Canada: Milgaard's mom angry over lack of police apology
June 10: Bosnia: Experts ID DNA of 2,000 Srebrenica Victims
June 10: US: More criminals caught by DNA
June 10: Vietnam: Vietnam sentences Australian to death for heroin trafficking
June 9: US: Orchid BioSciences, Inc. to Change Its Name to Orchid Cellmark Inc.
June 9: Canada: Delay in DNA testing unacceptable: lawyer
June 9: China: Lab excel in DNA identification of tsunami victims
June 9: US: Cocaine-related deaths on rise
June 9: US: Police receive grant for DNA crime-solving
June 9: US: Defense contends woman wasn't drunk
June 9: Czech Republic: Bill requires accused to provide DNA sample
June 9: Australia: Dimension Data addresses the crime scene
June 8: UK: Heroin addict lifts lid on life of crime
June 8: UK: Heroin 'hoover' may clean-up evil trade
June 8: US: The CSI effect: Fact or fiction?
June 8: US: Court upholds sex offender registry, DNA
June 8: Canada: Prescription heroin? It just might work
June 8: US: Authorities take DNA in Ohio pike killing
June 8: US: Woman's DNA traced to weapon used in her husband's death
June 7: US: Suspects get snared by a relative's DNA
June 7: US: Supreme Court Rules Against Medical Marijuana Use
June 7: UK: No fresh inquest into heroin girl's death
June 7: US: Thomas More offers new forensic majors
June 7: Canada: Does heroin beat methadone in addict treatment?
June 7: New Zealand: Crime rise swamps forensic scientists
June 7: Ireland: DNA may identify Belfast diamond thieves
June 7: Malayasia: Useful advances in forensic chemistry
June 7: US: Humphreys good pick for lab review
June 7: US: Suicide or murder? Jury to decide woman's fate
June 7: US: DNA From Torture Matches Children's
June 6: Canada: Study to test whether prescribed heroin
June 6: Canada: Heroin users to be recruited for treatment study
June 6: US: Second forensic scientist to join CSI: Penn State
June 6: UK: 'Body-parts' pathologist accused of misconduct
June 6: US: Research aims to prevent heroin relapse
June 6: US: Forensic nurses add strength to cases, staffs
June 6: Netherlands: Dutch team shows cost effectiveness of heroin prescriptions
June 6: India: 'Synthetic heroin' worries enforcement agencies
June 6: US: Putting their money where signatures are
June 6: US: ‘CSI’ isn’t real life, but it suggests we can do better
June 6: US: Innocent. But Never Free.
June 6: US: ‘CSI,’ Alabama-style
June 5: US: Profilers peer inside minds of criminals
June 5: US: Court Watch program launched to track behavior in courtrooms
June 5: UK: Heroin prescription 'cuts costs'
June 5: Trinidad: DNA-giving cops a 2nd chance
June 5: Germany: Teenage MP says heroin is harmless
June 5: India: Workshop on forensic science concludes
June 5: US: Horse-Sense Identification Before a Horse is Stolen - The "EDNA" Forensic Test
June 5: Australia: Her new career's to die for
June 4: US: Twin convicted in rape of girl, 9
June 4: US: New DNA law can help in cold-case investigations
June 4: US: Heroin use falling across Scotland, University of Glasgow study
June 4: US: Black Tar Heroin May Save Users from HIV
June 4: US: Substance Abuse, Drug Addiction – Alcoholism, Heroin, Cocaine, Meth-Amphetamine
June 4: US: Americans pay for unethical medical expert witnesses
June 4: US: New Fractal Image Technology Breaks New Ground
June 3: UK: Sally Clark Murder Case: Doctor Banned
June 3: UK: We Suffered Agonies for Seven Years, Say Clarks
June 3: Canada: Reward offered in murder of bar owner
June 3: UK: Give heroin addicts heroin, researchers say
June 3: Netherlands: Prescription of Heroin is Less Costly for Society
June 3: Canada: Forensic Experts Suggest Grewal Tape was 'Altered'
June 3: India: Law graduates guild to hold seminar on forensic science
June 2: Canada: Police considered, abandoned serial rapist theory
June 2: US: DNA Tests Link Bones Found in Field to U.S. Aviator
June 2: US: TU, Heidelberg forensic science program already getting students
June 2: US: Forensics, law students aid inmates
June 1: US: HPD admits it failed to review suspect lab work
June 1: Japan: Police plan database of criminal suspects' DNA info in August
June 1: New Zealand: Bacterial soil analysis: a powerful forensic weapon
June 1: US: "Dr. Death" Visits Utah Company
June 1: UAE: DNA data on 2,000 criminals
June 1: Canada: Pathologist testifies at murder trial
June 1: US: Expert says AFA cadet's accuser had memory loss
June 1: Bosnia: Experts uncover graves in Bosnia
June 1: US: Coroner's workers look for answers
June 1: US: Tsunami team may form
June 1: US: Crime lab faked results in 4 cases, probe finds

Archived news - 1998 to Present

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