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Frequently Asked Questions about

How can I contact the author and webmaster of this site?  
General inquiries & correspondence can be sent to the author and Webmaster of this site; Ben Joseph -

When is Web site updated? is committed to providing up-to-the-minute news and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The day's news is posted beginning at 8 a.m. (EST) and at times is updated as news happens. Every time an article
is added to, the posting time is recorded. If you are a scientist/journalist interested in writing an article,
please see below.

How do I get permission to reuse material? 
If you are interested in re-using material in print or on the web for any purpose, you should email for permission, to make sure that you will not be violating copyright. If you just want to link from your
site to ours or to a specific section of our site, that's fine, but we'd appreciate it if you'd let us know that you're
doing it, as we like to keep track of return links to our site.

So tell me more about The Forensic Science Portal; What's the circulation / hits? is a portal website for everyone, both young & old, amateur & professional who's interests lie in the field
of Forensic Science. currently has roughly 4000 worldwide hits a day. If you want more specific details on statistics please email the author and webmaster of this website; Ben Joseph -

How do I find an article that previously appeared in the news centre section of this website? 
The articles that are published online are archived and searchable for free from the site search box in the top blue
navigation area of news centre section. Every article from the news centre going back to October 2003 is available as
a link to the publishing online news websites. New articles from October 2005 are available as full articles in the
archived news section. Special searches requesting a certain type of article is available for a fee. Please contact
the author and webmaster of this site at for pricing details. Alternatively news can be searched
using a text-only database which can be searched in the news centre.

How can I buy a copy of a photo that appeared in the website? 
You can purchase a copy of any photo taken by the author and webmaser of this site for a small fee. Please contact Please note: cannot sell photos which are available through links on this website or freelance
photographer images.

How do I get an article/letter/story/link/forensic event to be published on the site? 
Send your contribution to the author and webmaster of this site at All contributions must include
full name and contact details of sender. reserve the right to edit contributions.

How do I comment about something inaccurate or unfair on 
Send your comments to the author and webmaster of this site at

Is there a subscription fee for your website? Do you have to register to use it? 
Currently all of our web services are free of charge.

How do I place an ad on the website?
To place an ad on the website, please visit the media section to check for display information and rates. For further
information contact

How do I apply for a internship/volunteer position for the website? offers non paid internship/volunteer positions to a number of qualified individuals for news reporting,
editing, data entry, website developing and marketing positions.By the end of your volunteer work, you will have
an excellent grounding in Forensic science journalism and an understanding of what Forensic Science is all about.
For information on how to apply, please contact the author and webmaster of this site at

I am finding your site slow to access. What's wrong? 
Most often this is caused by the use of your internet providers proxy server. If you are using Internet Explorer,
disable the proxy server by selecting Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings. Clear all check marks from
this screen and click OK until you return to your browser window. If you are using Netscape select Edit, Preferences,
Advanced, Proxies and check direct connection to the internet.

Some of your pages appear broken. How do I fix? 
Our site makes extensive use of Java. Ensure that Java is enabled in your browser.

Certain parts of your site don't work for me. What's wrong? 
Various parts of our site make use of cookies. Check to see if you have cookies disabled in your browser.

None of the above helped me. What else can I check? 
If you are running a personal firewall or anti-virus software, temporarily disable each in turn and see if access to the
site becomes any faster.

Why do I get the same pop-up ad on every page? 
Newer version browsers, IE 6.0 and Netscape 7.01, have a default security setting that prohibits cookie functionality in
anticipation of new privacy policy practices commencing in January 2004. You can alleviate repeated pop-ups by verifying that
your browser is configured to accept cookies. For Internet explorer 6.x users please select Tools>Internet Options.
In the Internet Options window select the tab Privacy and move the slider until it reads Low. For Netscape 7.x users please select
Edit>Preferences. In the Preferences window under Category click on Privacy & Security and then select Cookies. Check the radio
button labeled Enable all cookies.

Are you going to produce a mobile version of the site? 
At present there are no immediate plans for a mobile version of However, if you would be interested in using this
service if we implement it in the future, please email and we will let you know if this service becomes available.

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