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Laboratory Name/Consultant: Orchid Cellmark DNA
Country: Canada
Expertise: DNA,Forensic Biology,Mitochondrial DNA,Gender ID,Paternity Testing,Immigration Samples,Parentage Analysis,Routine STRs,Y-STRs,Minifiler STRs,Semen Screening,Blood Screening,DNA Paternity,DNA Immigration,Case Reviews,Expert Testimony,Property Crime Testing,SpermElute™
Client/Service: Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Lawyers, Government Agencies, Private Citizens
Accreditation: Standards Council of Canada, FQS-I, ASCLD/LAB-International
Brief Description: Orchid Cellmark provides quick, accurate and accredited DNA forensic testing services with a choice of all available DNA forensic technologies used in the field at this time. The company uses a number of internal proprietary technologies to improve the chances of results as compared to other DNA labs (e.g. SpermEluteTM produces results from sexual assault swabs in up to 30% more cases compared to traditional methods). The company also offers a cost-effective Property Crime testing program.
Office Hours/Lab Hours: Hours: 6:30 am to 5:30 pm Pacific Monday to Friday
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Orchid Cellmark DNA

Internet Site:
City: New Westminster, BC
Mailing Address: 635 Columbia Street, New Westminster BC V3M 1A7
Tel: + 1 800 563 4363 or +1 604 523 2945
Fax: +1 604 523 2974
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