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Hi, I'm Ben Joseph, a practicing Forensic Toxicologist in Canada.

As a Forensic Toxicologist, I specialize in both civil and criminal cases that involve drugs and alcohol.

My first stint with a job in Forensic Science began at a government forensic laboratory in the Middle East where I worked primarily as a Forensic Toxicologist. My expertise and experience lies in fields such as Clandestine Drugs, Postmortem Toxicology and Mass Disaster Identification.

It is my belief that progress in any field of science demands sharing of information and open communication. Hopefully, this website will assist in the sharing of new developments in forensic science, interactions amongst professionals and exchanging of ideas.

I am always interested in hearing suggestions for improving my website, so please feel free to forward constructive criticism at

Links from other websites to this site are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting,

Ben Joseph

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